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The Cook Family


Census Chart
Because of logistics, I will only put direct relatives in this chart, maybe later I will add more and more census info. You will need to be able to read PDF formats so if you can't do that, download the program for free using the button provided at the bottom of the chart.
This side of the family starts with Cynthia Ann Cook married to William Weaver Peackham

Name Year Year Year Year Year Year Year
Cook, Cynthia Ann - William Peckham
B: 1784 in RI D: 1820
1790 1800
RI - 16
RI - 26
OH - 36
- - -


   Cook Family Pictures 

Cook Online Cemetery

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Descendants of Job Cook

I will upload this when we have a little more info. For now, look at the Peckham page.

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