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Pictures of the Daffron Family

This is a photo of Jennie Maude Daffron.
  She is standing in the middle. 
Lovetta Anderson, Jennie Maude Daffron,
Ruth Daffron. Phil Daffron (in the hat)
and Owen D. Anderson are sitting
 in the Rumble Seat.
 Owen and Jennie Maude Married.

Phil, Ruth, John (son of John Marshall)
with his son Jack

Daffron Family Reunion

This was cropped from a photo of a Reunion in 1922 when some of the Kentucky Daffron's came to Texas.

From Left to Right:  Victoria Daffron Nelson, her husband Zachery T. Nelson, William Cooper Daffron, Mary Daffron Parmley, her husband Crave Parmley.

The children of John Marshall Daffron

TX Daffron's on Road Trip to Kentucky

William Cooper Daffron, Jack
Daffron, unknown girl

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