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           The Skinner Family           


Frederick Marion Skinner: Frederick joined the army and fought in WWI. He grew up in Pulaski County where he married Ida Jane. He was a farmer raising grain. They had one child, Clyde, and eventually moved to St. Louis where Fred was a Utility worker for a private home.
     We found Fred's draft registration card for WW1, Ser # 129 Order # 789. It says that he has gray eyes, brown hair, medium height, and medium build.
     In Fred's funeral book, it show that his marriage date with Ida Jane was Sep 9, 1903 in Crocker, MO and performed by Rev Henry Roam.

Picture at Right is of Fred Skinner with his sister Luella Russell 1898.

Charles Marion Skinner: Charles has been a hard person to piece together. Here it is; he was born in IA where he grew up and joined the Union army at the age of about 17 on Sep 1861. He was discharged on Aug of 1865 after being shot in action. He then went back home where he married a young lady named Luzetta. She is a part of a very well known family dating all the way back to the founders of Maryland. They were married in possibly Putnam Co, MO just south of the IA boarder. They had two children then moved to Kansas, possibly for a job. There they had at least three more children, then moved to Bonville, MO, in Pulaski County. He purchased some land from the United States which I have a copy of the document signed by President Theodore Roosevelt. We found both Charles and Luzetta in a 1910 census still in Pulaski County. They were 67 and 64 years old.
     Charles also had a disease similar to Chrones, which is a disease of the intestine. His father wrote to the government in hopes to get more or even continued disability for Charles. I have a copy of that letter.
     Charles also got some property from the government as part of the "Register of Land as Public Domain" This deed was signed by President Theodore Roosevelt.

Census Chart

Because of logistics, I will only put direct relatives in this chart, maybe later I will add more and more census info. You will need to be able to read PDF formats so if you can't do that, download the program for free using the button provided at the bottom of the chart.
This side of the family starts with Barbara Lea Skinner married to Curtis Eugene Hammond

Name Year Year Year Year Year Year Year
Skinner, Barbara L - Curtis Hammond
B:1929 in MO D:2009
St. Louis
MO - 1
1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990
Skinner, Clyde M - Marie Gammons
B:1905 in MO D:1989 in MO
MO - 5
MO - 14
St. Louis
MO - 25
1940 1950 1960 1970
Skinner, Frederick M - Ida J Robertson
B:1880 in KS D:1967 in MO
KS - 3m
1900 1910
MO - 30
MO - 39
St. Louis
MO - 50
1940 1950
Skinner, Charles M - Luzetta Wells
B:1842 in IA D:1914 in MO
Van Buren
IA - 8
IA - 12
IA - 18
IA - 28
KS - 38
MO - 58
MO - 67
Skinner, Elisha D - Abigail Peckham
B:1814 in NY D:aft.1900

NY - 6

OH - 16
Van Buren
IA - 26
Gold Rush
IA - 42
IA - 45
IA - 56
KS - 66
MO - 86
Skinner, Dr. Elisha - Sarah Loomis
B:1791 in NY D:1839
1790 1800 1810
NY 20 - 30
NY 30-39
age 31
OH 40 -50
age 41
- -

Sarah is with her Son Hugh (Rush) Skinner in 1850 living next to a Loomis family.


Letter wrote for Charles by his father Elisha

Charles and Luzetta record of Marriage

Putnam County vital marriage records:

State of Missouri, County of Putnam
I George W Ferrel, a justice of the peace within and for said county, certify that I did on the 12th day of November 1865 perform the ceremony of marriage between Charles Skinner and Luzetta Wells. Done at my office in the county of Putnam aforesaid. Given under my hand this the 19th day of November 1865.
George W Ferrel a justice of the peace filed Dec 18th, 1865. Wm A Shelton, Recorder

Charles Skinner Land Deed signed by President Roosevelt

Letter Elisha D Skinner wrote to family after hearing of Rush's death

Hugh R Skinners Will
page 2
page 3

Death Certificate for Sarah (Skinner) Bowman

1948 Fred and Ida Jane's Marriage Certificate

Henry Eugene Skinner's Death Certificate

2009 - Barbara L Skinner Hammond Murray's Memorial Card

Biography of Elisha H Skinner

After searching for about five years we finally found the resting place of Luzetta (Wells) Skinner in St. Louis, MO. The strange thing about that is, we live right outside St. Louis.... Go figure.
She is buried along side her Grandson William R Goodman.


 Lots of Pictures 

Skinner Online Cemetery

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Descendants of Doctor Elisha Skinner

First Generation


1. Elisha Skinner, M. Born abt 1791 in CT. Elisha died in Van Buren, Iowa, in 1839; he was 48.

On 23 Sep 1813 when Elisha was 22, he married Sarah Loomis, F, daughter of Israel Loomis, M (1756-1826) & Hannah Leavens, F (1764-1847), in Pomfret, Chatauqua, NY. Born on 4 Jul 1792 in Pomfret, Chatauqua, NY. Sarah died in Van Buren, Iowa, on 23 Mar 1852; she was 59.

They had the following children:
2 i. Elisha D, M (1814-~1906)
3 ii. Charles D, M (1816-1890)
4 iii. Hugh Rudolphus, M (1818-1901)
iv. George, M. Born bef 1823.
5 v. Benjamin Rush, M (1824-1893)
6 vi. Elias, M (1827-1913)
vii. Fanny E, F. Born bef 1830.
7 viii. William Cullen, M (~1834-1896)

Second Generation


2. Elisha D Skinner, M. Born on 24 Jun 1814 in Norwich, Chenango Co, N.Y. Elisha D died abt 1906; he was 91.

On 19 Sep 1835 when Elisha D was 21, he married Abigail Peckham, F, daughter of William Weaver Peckham, M (1783-) & Cynthia Ann Cook, F (~1784-1822), in Holmes Co., Ohio. Born in Mar 1817 in Holmes Co., OH.

They had the following children:
i. Fanny E, F. Born on 13 Aug 1837 in Ohio. Fanny E died in Kenton, Cimarron, OK, in 1930; she was 92.
On 2 May 1869 when Fanny E was 31, she married Francis H Myers, M. Born on 10 Aug 1833 in Mount Sterling, Montgomery Co., Kentucky. Francis H died in Kenton, Cimarron Co., Oklahoma, on 3 May 1922; he was 88.
8 ii. Lucinda A, F (1838-)
9 iii. Sarah, F (1840-1927)
10 iv. Charles Marion, M (1842-1914)
11 v. Henry Eugene, M (~1845-1926)
12 vi. William, M (~1846-)
13 vii. Easton Cooke, M (1848-1924)

3. Charles D Skinner, M. Born on 21 May 1816 in Chatauqua Co, NY. Charles D died in Iowa on 24 Feb 1890; he was 73.

On 12 Nov 1840 when Charles D was 24, he married Nancy Barnes, F in Van Buren, IA. Born on 26 Jul 1821 in Holmes Co., OH.

They had the following children:
14 i. Alvira, F (1841-)
ii. Martha, F. Born in 1843. Alias/AKA: /Heather/.
iii. John B, M. Born in 1845.
On 28 Aug 1869 when John B was 24, he married Sarah Anderson, F in Van Buren, IA.
15 iv. Elisha H, M (1846-)
v. William, M. Born in 1848.
vi. Hiram C, M. Born in 1856.
vii. Edward C, M. Born in 1861.
viii. Erastus Pitt, M. Born in 1863.
ix. Mary A, F. Born in 1864.

4. Hugh Rudolphus Skinner, M. Born in 1818 in Chatauqua Co, NY. Hugh Rudolphus died in Santa Rosa, Sonoma Co., CA, on 7 Jul 1901; he was 83.

On 20 Mar 1844 when Hugh Rudolphus was 26, he first married Isabella R Baird, F in Jefferson Co., Iowa. Born in 1825 in PA.

They had the following children:
16 i. Lucretia, F (1847-)
ii. George, M. Born abt 1849.
On 4 Apr 1879 when George was 30, he married Tillie Randall, F in Van Buren, IA.
17 iii. Fidelia, F (1850-1934)
18 iv. Milton, M (1853-)
v. Julia, F. Born abt 1856.

On 25 Dec 1861 when Hugh Rudolphus was 43, he second married Maria Townsend, F in Van Buren, IA.

bef 1870 when Hugh Rudolphus was 52, he third married Emily, F. Born abt 1819.

aft 1870 when Hugh Rudolphus was 52, he fourth married Rebecca T Aft, F.

5. Benjamin Rush Skinner, M. Born on 1 Apr 1824 in Chatauqua Co, NY. Benjamin Rush died in Watsonville, Santa Cruz Co, CA, on 8 Mar 1893; he was 68.

On 24 Dec 1862 when Benjamin Rush was 38, he married Sarah Adeline Mallory, F, daughter of Torrance Mallory, M, in Sonoma Co, CA. Born on 27 Oct 1844 in MO. Sarah Adeline died in San Francisco, CA, on 14 Jan 1910; she was 65.

They had the following children:
19 i. Dolores Geneva, F (1866-1897)
20 ii. Mary Etta, F (1867-1937)
iii. Hugh Rush, M. Born in 1872 in Salt Point Twp., Sonoma Co, CA. Hugh Rush died in Auburn, Placer Co, CA, on 16 Feb 1915; he was 43.
On 3 Jul 1894 when Hugh Rush was 22, he married Clara Whitcher, F in Monterey Co, CA.
21 iv. Theresa Maud, F (1876-)
v. Virginia Lee, F. Born abt 1880. Virginia Lee died in 1880; she was <1.

6. Elias Skinner, M. Born on 3 Sep 1827 in Holmes Co., OH. Elias died in Waterloo, Black Hawk Co, Iowa, on 1 May 1913; he was 85.

On 4 Apr 1850 when Elias was 22, he married Maria Barnes, F in Van Buren, IA. Born on 28 Mar 1832 in Ohio. Maria died in Waterloo, Black Hawk Co, Iowa, on 6 Aug 1898; she was 66.

They had the following children:
22 i. Cara Abi, F (1851-1944)
ii. Hannah Louisa, F. Born on 22 Aug 1855 in Iowa.
23 iii. Edward Ames, M (1860-)
24 iv. Sarah Collin, F (1862-)
v. Ada Maria, F. Born on 25 Jan 1870 in Iowa. Alias/AKA: /Lola/.
Ada Maria married H. W. Brown, M. Born in Aug 1844 in PA.

7. William Cullen Skinner, M. Born abt 1834 in Holmes Co., OH. William Cullen died in Humboldt Co, CA, on 25 Sep 1896; he was 62.

William Cullen married Lemira E Stanley, F. Born abt 1843 in Iowa. Lemira E died in Patterson, Stanislaus Co, CA, on 15 Apr 1923; she was 80.

They had one child:
i. Minnie, F. Born on 7 Mar 1887.
Minnie married ? Hibbard, M.

Third Generation


8. Lucinda A Skinner, F. Born in Dec 1838 in Ohio. Alias/AKA: Loula /Lucy/.

On 25 Jul 1855 when Lucinda A was 16, she first married John R Britton, M in Appanoose Co., Iowa. Born abt 1833 in Ohio.

They had the following children:
i. Nellie, F. Born in Oct 1872 in MO.
ii. Laura Rena, F. Born in Jan 1876 in MO.
25 iii. Izora, F (~1856-)

bet 1880 and 1890 when Lucinda A was 41, she second married James Williams, M.

9. Sarah Skinner, F. Born on 10 Dec 1840 in Ohio. Sarah died in Cassville, MO, on 16 Apr 1927; she was 86.

On 13 Aug 1856 when Sarah was 15, she first married Jesse Elon Murray, M in Appanoose Co., Iowa. Born on 9 Aug 1820 in Hudson, Summit Co., Ohio. Jesse Elon died in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, in 1877; he was 56.

They had the following children:
i. Emma, F. Born in 1857 in Appanoose County, IA. Emma died in Medicine Lodge, Kansas, on 30 Mar 1894; she was 37.
ii. Rosetta, F. Born on 2 Sep 1858 in Appanoose County, IA. Rosetta died on 11 Dec 1863; she was 5. Alias/AKA: /Rosilla/.
26 iii. Fanny Elizabeth, F (1861-1954)
iv. Charles Seldon, M. Born on 10 Dec 1863 in Appanoose County, IA. Charles Seldon died in Galena, Kansas, on 17 Mar 1948; he was 84.
v. Elisha, M. Born on 11 Aug 1865 in Appanoose County, IA. Elisha died in Appanoose County, IA, on 11 Sep 1866; he was 1.
27 vi. Frank J., M (1867-1945)

On 19 Mar 1878 when Sarah was 37, she second married Isaac P Bowman, M in Cherokee Co., KS. Born on 13 Oct 1850 in Illinois. Isaac P died on 18 Sep 1935; he was 84.

10. Charles Marion Skinner, M. Born on 31 Jul 1842 in Jefferson Co., IA. Charles Marion died in Cassville, Barry Co., MO, on 15 Sep 1914; he was 72.

On 12 Nov 1865 when Charles Marion was 23, he married Luzetta L Wells, F, daughter of William Kerr Wells, M (1820-1856) & Mahala Cooksey, F (1817-1861), in Putnam Co., MO.1 Born on 14 Mar 1847 in IA. Luzetta L died in St. Louis, MO, on 19 Jul 1911; she was 64.

They had the following children:
i. Don C, M. Born in Sep 1866 in Wells Township, Appanoose Co, IA. Don C died in Wells Township, Appanoose Co, IA, on 12 Dec 1866; he was <1.
ii. Joseph S, M. Born in Oct 1867 in Wells Township, Appanoose Co, IA. Joseph S died in Wells Township, Appanoose Co, IA, on 22 Dec 1867; he was <1. Buried in Hilltown Cemetery in Wells Township.
iii. Laura, F. Born in 1869 in Appanoose Co., IA.
28 iv. Elisha D, M (1871-)
v. Nellie, F. Born on 22 Feb 1874 in Kansas.
29 vi. Louella M, F (1876-1961)
30 vii. Frederick Marion, M (1880-1967)

11. Henry Eugene Skinner, M. Born abt 1845. Henry Eugene died in St. Joseph, Butler Co., MO, on 3 Jun 1926; he was 81.

On 9 Apr 1882 when Henry Eugene was 37, he married Winifred Farley, F, daughter of Jackson Farley, M & Elizabeth Swaney, F, in Buffalo Co., NE.2 Born in Sep 1853 in Ohio. Winifred died in St. Joseph, Butler Co., MO, on 10 Mar 1930; she was 76.

They had the following children:
i. Walter, M. Born in Jan 1885 in Kansas.
ii. Effie, F. Born in Oct 1887.
iii. John, M. Born in 1889.
iv. Chester William, M. Born on 24 Sep 1891 in Lindley, MO.

12. William Skinner, M. Born abt 1846.

On 27 Jan 1869 when William was 23, he married Elizabeth Albertson, F in Appanoose Co., Iowa.

They had the following children:
i. Joseph, M. Born abt 1873 in Iowa.
ii. Elisha, M. Born abt 1875 in Iowa.
iii. Nannie, F. Born abt 1877 in Iowa.

13. Easton Cooke Skinner, M. Born on 2 Dec 1848 in Appanoose County, IA. Easton Cooke died in Griggsville, IL, on 21 May 1924; he was 75.

On 29 Nov 1876 when Easton Cooke was 27, he married Alice Lucretia Pryor, F in Griggsville, Pike, IL. Born abt 1852 in IL.

They had the following children:
i. Harry M, M. Born abt 1878.
ii. Ross Kyle, M. Born in Dec 1879.

14. Alvira Skinner, F. Born on 30 Aug 1841 in Birmingham, Van Buren Co, IA. Alias/AKA: /Alta/.

On 14 Dec 1859 when Alvira was 18, she married Samuel B Shott, M in Birmingham, Van Buren, IA.

They had one child:
i. William Robert, M. Born on 30 Jul 1870.

15. Elisha H Skinner, M. Born on 24 Oct 1846 in Birmingham, Van Buren Co, IA.

bef 1867 when Elisha H was 20, he first married Tabitha, F.

On 2 Nov 1867 when Elisha H was 21, he second married Alice Gibbs, F in Birmingham, IA. Born in Tippacanoe Co., IN.

They had the following children:
i. Walter G, M.
ii. Effie M, F.
iii. Bert, M.
iv. Nellie, F.
Nellie married Frank Maynard Corry, M. Born on 23 Sep 1881.

16. Lucretia Skinner, F. Born in Jan 1847 in Iowa.

Lucretia married David Brown, M. Born in Feb 1838 in PA.

They had the following children:
i. Nora Isabel, F.
ii. Charles C, M. Born in Mar 1871.
iii. Megan, F. Born in Nov 1881. Alias/AKA: /meg/.

17. Fidelia Skinner, F. Born in Aug 1850. Fidelia died in Green, Wappello Co, IA, in 1934; she was 83.

Fidelia married Neri O Ogdon, M. Born in Aug 1849 in Indiana.

They had the following children:
i. Son, M. Born in Nov 1875.
ii. Faye, F. Born in Aug 1884.
31 iii. Gene, M (1887-)
iv. Martha, F. Born in Oct 1888. Alias/AKA: /Mattie/.

18. Milton Skinner, M. Born in Jun 1853 in Iowa.

Milton married Chloe, F. Born in Apr 1855 in PA.

They had one child:
32 i. Blanche H, F (1880-)

19. Dolores Geneva Skinner, F. Born in 1866 in Salt Point Twp., Sonoma Co, CA. Dolores Geneva died in San Francisco, CA, on 9 Apr 1897; she was 31.

bef 1882 when Dolores Geneva was 16, she first married John W Fleming, M.

On 26 Sep 1882 when Dolores Geneva was 16, she second married Norton Fussell, M in Monterey Co, CA.

They had one child:
i. Benjamin Rush, M. Born in Sep 1883. Benjamin Rush died aft 20 Nov 1911; he was 28.

20. Mary Etta Skinner, F. Born in 1867 in Salt Point Twp., Sonoma Co, CA. Mary Etta died in Oakland, Alameda Co, CA, on 21 Nov 1937; she was 70.

On 17 Sep 1883 when Mary Etta was 16, she married Charles Eldridge Smiley, M in Monterey Co, CA. Born on 2 Aug 1856 in Chatauqua Co, NY. Charles Eldridge died in Spreckels, Monterey Co, CA, on 8 Feb 1923; he was 66.

They had the following children:
i. Elsie May, F. Born on 16 Jun 1887.
Elsie May married George Norris, M.
33 ii. Maud Rae, F (1892-1966)

21. Theresa Maud Skinner, F. Born in Mar 1876.

On 27 May 1894 when Theresa Maud was 18, she first married Roy D Tuttle, M in Salinas, CA. Born abt 1873.

abt 1896 when Theresa Maud was 19, she second married Orin W Eaton, M in Watsonville, Santa Cruz Co, CA.

They had one child:
i. Gladys E, F. Born in Mar 1897.
Gladys E married Hubert J Little, M.

bet 1910 and 1914 when Theresa Maud was 33, she third married Samuel Hayes McClary, M.

They had the following children:
i. Samuel, M. Born abt 1914.
ii. Hugh William, M. Born abt 1918. Alias/AKA: /Billy/.

22. Cara Abi Skinner, F. Born on 27 Jul 1851 in Iowa. Cara Abi died in Salt Lake Co, Utah, on 27 Oct 1944; she was 93. Alias/AKA: /Carrie/.

Cara Abi married Albert K Sercomb, M. Born in Nov 1848 in Wisconsin.

They had the following children:
i. Albert K, M. Born in 1881 in Iowa. Albert K died in Salt Lake Co, Utah, on 29 Sep 1950; he was 69.
Albert K married Luella, F. Born in Utah.
ii. William, M. Born in Jun 1886.

23. Edward Ames Skinner, M. Born on 11 Jun 1860 in Mt. Vernon, Linn Co, IA.

In Jul 1899 when Edward Ames was 39, he married Eva Mercer, F, daughter of William Mercer, M (-1899) & Lydia Layson, F (-1913). Born in Elliott, IA.

They had one child:
i. Harry Edward, M. Born on 13 Sep 1904.

24. Sarah Collin Skinner, F. Born on 20 May 1862 in Iowa.

Sarah Collin married William Nichols, M. Born in May 1856 in Ohio.

They had the following children:
i. Harold, M. Born in Feb 1886.
ii. Collin Nichols, M. Born in Nov 1887.

Fourth Generation


25. Izora Britton, F. Born abt 1856.

On 5 Jun 1877 when Izora was 21, she married James B Colt, M in Clinton, MO.

They had one child:
34 i. Zoe Emaline, M (1888-)

26. Fanny Elizabeth Murray, F. Born on 9 Oct 1861 in Appanoose County, IA. Fanny Elizabeth died in Lamar, MO, on 21 Nov 1954; she was 93.

On 31 Oct 1880 when Fanny Elizabeth was 19, she married Samuel D Coats, M, son of Perry Coats, M & Louisa Rash, F. Born on 17 Mar 1860. Samuel D died in Bernice, OK, on 6 Nov 1935; he was 75.

They had the following children:
i. Arvella May, F. Born on 29 Jul 1881.
Arvella May married Nril Miller, M.
ii. Mary Myrtle, F. Born on 15 Jul 1885.
Mary Myrtle married Charles Dye, M.
iii. Charles Harrison, M. Born on 5 Feb 1889.
iv. Fanny Gertrude, F. Born on 26 Dec 1892.
Fanny Gertrude married George Long, M.
v. Ernest Emmett, M. Born on 19 Aug 1904.

27. Frank J. Murray, M. Born on 13 Aug 1867 in Appanoose County, IA. Frank J. died in Aurora, Missouri, on 28 Feb 1945; he was 77.

On 5 Jul 1891 when Frank J. was 23, he married Alice Shaw, F, daughter of Joseph Shaw, M & Josephine Coats, F, in Barry Co, MO. Born on 21 Nov 1877 in Newton Co, MO. Alice died in Aurora, MO, in 1954; she was 76.

They had the following children:
i. Elmer J, M. Born on 23 Oct 1892 in Aurora, MO. Elmer J died in Barry Co, MO, on 24 May 1912; he was 19.
ii. Oscar E, M. Born on 4 Nov 1894. Oscar E died in Aurora, MO, on 23 Nov 1895; he was 1.
iii. Bertha A, F. Born on 9 Aug 1896. Bertha A died in Bixby, OK, in Aug 1982; she was 85.
Bertha A married Claud Herman Todd, M. Born on 25 Mar 1895 in Purdy, MO. Claud Herman died in Tulsa City, Tulsa OK, in Apr 1969; he was 74.
iv. Ada J, F. Born on 21 Feb 1899. Ada J died in Aug 1985; she was 86.
Ada J married Charles Holder, M.
v. Earl Ernest, M. Born on 30 Apr 1901. Earl Ernest died in Aurora, MO, on 28 Mar 1945; he was 43.
abt 1921 when Earl Ernest was 19, he married Lois Sullivan, F in Aurora, MO. Born in 1901. Lois died in Springfield, MO, in Apr 1954; she was 53.
vi. Opal F, F. Born in Mar 1902.
vii. Kenneth Kyle, M. Born on 13 Dec 1904. Kenneth Kyle died in Aurora, MO, on 23 Jan 1933; he was 28.
On 7 Apr 1927 when Kenneth Kyle was 22, he married Louise Crowell, F in Aurora, MO. Born on 10 Sep 1908 in Aurora, MO.
viii. Clarence T, M. Born on 10 Feb 1907 in Aurora, MO. Clarence T died in Aurora, MO, on 14 Dec 1916; he was 9.
ix. John LaVerne, M. Born on 27 Jan 1909 in Cassville, MO. John LaVerne died in Monett, MO, on 9 Jan 1969; he was 59.
On 7 Feb 1931 when John LaVerne was 22, he married Ruth Ann Brewer, F. Born on 23 Dec 1912 in Helena, Arkansas. Ruth Ann died in Monett, MO, on 9 Nov 2004; she was 91.
x. Lorraine Frances, F. Born on 14 Dec 1910.
On 7 Jun 1930 when Lorraine Frances was 19, she married Fred Elliott, M. Born abt 1909 in Aurora, MO. Fred died in Aurora, MO.
xi. Wayne Raymond, M. Born on 20 Nov 1912.
On 26 Jan 1935 when Wayne Raymond was 22, he married Pauline Newcombe, F in Aurora, MO. Born on 25 Oct 1912 in Aurora, MO.
xii. Jewell, F. Born on 5 Feb 1915 in Aurora, MO. Jewell died in Aurora, MO, on 13 Apr 1915; she was <1.
xiii. Cleta Faye, F. Born on 14 Aug 1916 in Aurora, MO.
In 1937 when Cleta Faye was 20, she married Monroe E Cox, M.
xiv. Frank Lucene, M. Born on 17 Mar 1919.

28. Elisha D Skinner, M. Born on 26 Mar 1871 in Iowa.

Elisha D married Minnie F ?, F. Born abt 1873 in MO.

They had the following children:
i. Helen L, F. Born abt 1907.
ii. Frances C, F. Born abt 1898 in Kansas.
Frances C married Robert L Christmas, M. Born abt 1891 in Arkansas.

29. Louella M Skinner, F. Born on 25 Mar 1876 in Kansas. Louella M died on 29 Sep 1961; she was 85. Buried in Calvary Cemetary, St. Louis, MO.

Louella M first married William Thomas Goodman, M.

They had one child:
35 i. William Ralph, M (1894-1955)

abt 1905 when Louella M was 28, she second married Robert F Russell, M, son of Patrick Russell, M & Elizabeth Campbell, F, in MO. Born on 13 Apr 1858 in Ohio. Robert F died in St. Louis, MO, on 1 Jul 1928; he was 70.

30. Frederick Marion Skinner, M. Born on 15 Mar 1880 in Winfield, KS. Frederick Marion died in Waynesville, Pulaski Co, MO, on 10 Dec 1967; he was 87. Buried on 13 Dec 1967 in Antioch Cemetery, Crocker, PC, MO. Alias/AKA: Grappy Fred.

On 9 Sep 1903 when Frederick Marion was 23, he married Ida Jane Robertson, F, daughter of William C Robertson, M (1847-1907) & Eliza Ellen Robertson, F (1848-1925), in Crocker, Pulaski Co, MO. Born on 31 Dec 1883 in Pulaski Co, MO. Ida Jane died in Jackson, MO, on 21 Sep 1972; she was 88.

They had one child:
36 i. Clyde Marion, M (1905-1989)

31. Gene Ogdon, M. Born in Mar 1887.

Gene married Nell McAuley, F.

They had the following children:
i. Jane, F. Born abt 1918.
ii. Mary, F. Born abt 1921.
iii. Annette, F. Born abt 1929.

32. Blanche H Skinner, F. Born in Feb 1880 in Iowa.

Blanche H married Hiram Macon, M. Born abt 1876 in Alabama.

They had the following children:
i. Welcome E, F. Born abt 1910.
ii. Hellen G, F. Born abt 1919.

33. Maud Rae Smiley, F. Born on 24 Jul 1892 in Salinas, Monterey Co, CA. Maud Rae died in Oakland, Alameda Co, CA, on 6 Sep 1966; she was 74.

In 1910 when Maud Rae was 17, she first married Chester Prouty, M.

abt 1919 when Maud Rae was 26, she second married John Edgar McCollum, M. Born on 22 Jan 1891 in Salinas, Monterey Co, CA. John Edgar died in Oakland, Alameda Co, CA, on 24 Sep 1968; he was 77.

They had one child:
i. Mary Patricia, F. Living

Fifth Generation


34. Zoe Emaline Colt, M. Born in 1888 in Medicine Lodge, KS.

On 2 Jun 1909 when Zoe Emaline was 21, he married Denver Dion Sappenfield, F in St. Louis, MO. Born on 31 Oct 1887 in Kansas City, KS.

They had the following children:
i. Kate, F.
ii. Alice, F.
iii. Gertrude, F.
iv. Gladys, F.
v. Riena, F.

35. William Ralph Goodman, M. Born on 4 Jun 1894 in Crocker, MO. William Ralph died in St. Louis, MO, on 17 Sep 1955; he was 61. Buried on 20 Sep 1955 in Calvary Cemetary, St. Louis, MO.

On 4 Apr 1918 when William Ralph was 23, he married Leone Marie Blalock, F in St. Louis, MO. Born in 1891 in MO. Leone Marie died in MO in Jan 1963; she was 72.

They had the following children:
37 i. Eileen Elizabeth, F (1919-)
ii. Lauraine B, F. Born on 25 Sep 1921 in MO. Lauraine B died in St. Louis, MO, in Dec 1993; she was 72. Buried on 10 Dec 1993 in Calvary Cemetary, St. Louis, MO.
Lauraine B married Hull, M.

36. Clyde Marion Skinner, M. Born on 19 Feb 1905 in Crocker, PC, MO. Clyde Marion died in Phelps County Hospital in Rolla, Mo., on 26 Oct 1989; he was 84. Buried in Antioch Cemetery, Crocker, PC, MO.

On 3 Jan 1924 when Clyde Marion was 18, he married Marie Eleanor Gammons, F, daughter of Robert Peter Gammons, M (1866-1942) & Amy C. Bliss, F (1871-1943). Born on 25 Oct 1906 in Richland, MO. Marie Eleanor died in Pulaski Co, MO, on 27 Oct 1995; she was 89.

They had the following children:
i. Clyde, M. Born on 25 Oct 1925 in Missouri. Clyde died in Webster Groves, St. Louis Co., MO, on 17 Mar 1926; he was <1. Buried on 19 Mar 1926 in Oak Hill Cemetery.
38 ii. Barbara Lea, F (1929-)
iii. Robert F, M. Born on 8 Sep 1930 in Wellston, MO. Robert F died in Maplewood, St. Louis Co., MO, on 11 Jan 1931; he was <1. Buried on 13 Jan 1931 in Oak Hill Cemetery, St. Louis Co., MO.
39 iv. Donna J, F (1933-)
40 v. Charlie, M (1937-)
41 vi. Freda, F (1938-)
vii. Rosemary, F. Born on 5 May 1942.

Sixth Generation


37. Eileen Elizabeth Goodman, F. Born in Aug 1919 in MO.

Eileen Elizabeth married Hershall Atkins, M.

They had one child:
i. Sandy, F (~1941-)

38. Barbara Lea Skinner, F. Born on 28 Jan 1929 in St. Louis, SLC, MO.

In 1945 when Barbara Lea was 15, she first married Curtis Eugene Hammond, M, son of John Simeon Hammond, M (1869-1956) & Leona Barton, F (1892-1928). Born on 20 Sep 1918 in Albany, DC, GA. Born in 1918. Curtis Eugene died in Excelsior Springs, MO, on 10 Dec 2001; he was 83.

They had the following children:
i. Rickland Eugene, M (1945-)
ii. Rita Marie, F (1946-)
iii. Richard Lee, M (1948-)
iv. Ronald Dean, M (1957-)
v. Randall Curtis, M (1959-2007)

On 23 Jun 1971 when Barbara Lea was 42, she second married Jessee Murray, M.

39. Donna J Skinner, F. Living

On 12 Jun 1950 when Donna J was 16, she married Jim Doyle, M. Born on 26 Aug 1931. Jim died in Pulaski Co, MO, on 23 Aug 2000; he was 68.

They had the following children:
i. Joyce Ann, F (1951-)
ii. Mary Lou, F (1955-)
iii. Jimmy Lee, M (1960-)
iv. Sandra Jean, F (1964-)

40. Charlie Skinner, M. Born on 11 Jan 1937.

Charlie married Erma, F.

They had one child:
i. Mitch, M (~1956-)

41. Freda Skinner, F. Living

On 20 Feb 1954 when Freda was 16, she married Robert Burnett, M in Pulaski Co, MO. Born on 11 Dec 1934. Robert died in Pulaski Co, MO, on 26 Mar 2002; he was 67.

They had the following children:
i. Dale Linn, M (1955-1999)
ii. Darlene Rose, F (1956-)
iii. David Lee, M (~1957-)
iv. Diana Kay, F (1958-)
v. Denise Ann, F (1959-)
vi. Darrell Wayne, M (1961-)
vii. Douglas William, M (1963-)
viii. Dennis Elbert, M (1966-)


1. “Putnam County Recorded Marriage Certificate.”
2. Buffalo County Marriages
VOL 2 1882.
9 Apr 1882 Skinner, Henry E 37 Iowa
Farley, Winifred 28 Illinois
Groom's Parents Elisha D Skinner & Abigail Peckham
Bride's parents Jackson Farley & Elizabeth Swaney 264

From the Portrait and Biographical Album of Jefferson and Van Buren Counties – 1890

Elisha H. Skinner, banker and general merchant of Birmingham, is a native of that town, his birth having occurred on October 24, 1846. His father, Charles D. Skinner, was born in Chautauqua County New York, May 21, 1816, and when thirteen years of age removed with his parents to Holmes County Ohio. In 1839, he came to this county a single man and took a claim near Birmingham. Soon afterwards however, he met a lady whose hand he sought in marriage—Miss Nancy Barnes, and on November 12, 1840, they were united in marriage. Mrs. Skinner was a native of Holmes County, Ohio, and with her parents came to Iowa in 1839. Mr. Skinner made farming his life work. He took a lively interest in politics, though not for selfish ends; adhering to the doctrines of the old Whig Party until the rise of the Republican Party, when he joined its ranks. In 1850, he made a trip to California, where he was engaged in mining for some three years. Returning once more to Iowa, he resumed his former calling, which continued to be his occupation until laying aside the duties of life, he was called to his final home. He died on February 24, 1890, in the faith of the Methodist Episcopal Church, of which he had been a member for forty-seven years. His wife and seven children survive him, while five of the family has passed on before.
Our subject was the fourth in order of birth. On the farm he learned the useful lessons of industry and energy and in the public schools and McArthur’s Academy of Birmingham, he acquired a good English education. Although seventeen years of age, in June 1863, he enlisted in Company C., of the Eighth Iowa Cavalry, and from Davenport went to Nashville, Tennessee, and then on to the Atlanta Campaign, participating in nearly all the engagements from Chattanooga to Atlanta. He was in the famous Kilpatrick raid, where a good part of his regiment was captured though he was more fortunate. Having returned to Nashville, reorganized and received fresh horses, the command marched to the Tennessee River to harass Gen. Hood in his movements. Having taken part in the battle of Spring Hill and Franklin, they went into Kentucky and were remounted, after which, returning, they participated in the battle of Nashville, driving Hood beyond the Tennessee River. In a cavalry charge near Tuscaloosa Alabama, Mr. Skinner received an almost fatal wound, a ball striking him at the lower part of the left ear and passing through his neck. Falling from his horse he was left for dead, not however without some kind-hearted rebel appropriating his hat, coat and shoes. He was found by a Negro and taken to a house near by. When Gen. Forrest and his staff came up, the surgeon said it was not worthwhile to parole him, as he would die before morning. But no so, after remaining there some three weeks, the rebels took him from his bed and made him walk thirty-two miles the first day under a summer’s sun. Faint and exhausted, he lay down on the ground and told his captors that he would rather die that go farther. He was then put on a horse and taken to Columbus Mississippi, but four days later was removed to Jackson Mississippi. One morning a rebel officer ordered him to be ready to travel by one o’clock and at that hour he was put into an ambulance to be driven away, whether he was to be made a victim or retaliation or not was impossible to tell. After driving nearly all day, he was informed that he was being taken to Natchez to exchange him for a Confederate prisoner they wanted, but as there was no one there having authority to make such an change, it only remained to him to be driven back again. As soon as it was sufficiently dark he sprang from the ambulance and took to the woods. His pursuers were unable to catch him and by one o’clock that night he was within the Union lines. He presented himself to Gen. Davidson who gave him a pass to Cairo Illinois where the Christian Commission furnished him with clean clothes, an inestimable gift. On the first boat he went to Nashville, where he met some of his comrades from Andersonville prison. Together they joined their command in Macon Georgia, where he remained until mustered out at the close of the service in August 1865.
After receiving his discharge in Clinton Iowa, Mr. Skinner returned to Birmingham and once more resumed peaceful pursuits. For a time he was employed as clerk by the firm of Moss and Pitkin, and later was a salesman for the latter gentleman, Mr. Moss having retired. After clerking for ten years, he was admitted to partnership with Mr. Pitkin, which connection he has since continued with the exception of one year. They do an extensive mercantile and banking business and are ranked among the enterprising citizens of the place. At Birmingham on November 4, 1866, Mr. Skinner was united in marriage with Miss Alice Gibbs, a native of Tippecanoe County Indiana and unto them was born five children, but one died in infancy. Those living are Walter G., Effie M., Bert and Nellie. Mrs. Skinner is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Politically, Mr. Skinner is a Republican. During the second term of Gov. Larabee’s administration, he was commissioned Lieutenant Colonel on his staff. He is a member of the G.A.R. Post, of Birmingham, of which he has served as Quartermaster since its organization and has also been Treasurer of the city and school fund for a number of years.
He takes a prominent part in the political affairs of his county, but without desire on his part of official recognition. He is accounted one of the foremost businessmen of Southeastern Iowa, and the reputation, which he has gained as a man of enterprise and sterling worth, is certainly well merited.

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