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This is the family history of Mark & Gina Goede

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Index of Family Names
On Gina's Tree

Tree Chart

The tree chart is pretty cool, all you have to do is click on the family and it takes you to their page.

Surname Index

Fred Skinner with sister Luella Russell (Skinner) in about 1889

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= Has information uploaded
= Census info uploaded
= Documents uploaded
= Extras like photos uploaded
#G = Number of generations
          away from Gina

 Allbert Family 3G

Badger Family 11G

Barton Family 2G

 Becker Family 3G

 Blakely Family 5G

 Bliss Family 2G

Bowman Family 9G

Briggs Family 4G

 Brown Family 5G

 Brown #2 Family 6G

 Butler Family 2G

Clark Family 10G

 Coffman Family 4G

 Cook Family 5G

Cooke Family 12G

 Cooksey Family 4G

 Cox Family 4G

 Daffron Family 3G

Depriest Family 4G

Dillon Family 6G

Durbin Family 7G

Drais Family 5G

Edwards Family 3G

Fann Family 4G

Ford Family 6G

Fox Family 7G

 Gammons Family 1G

 Gentry Family 4G

 Griffin Family 3G


Gritton Family 3G

 Hammond Family 1G

Howard Family 5G

Hudson Family 4G

 Loomis Family 5G

Main Family 7G

Manley Family 5G

McGowan Family 4G

 Miller Family 2G

Moseley Family 8G

 Neselroad Family

Palmer Family 5G

 Peckham Family 4G

 Quant Family 1G

Reed Family 8G

 Rhoads Family 5G

 Robertson Family 2G

 Robertson #2 Family 3G

Sanders Family 3G

Scales Family 6G

 Sehy Family 1G

Sivey Family 2G

 Skelton Family 2G

 Skinner Family G

Springer Family 2G

Staples Family 4G

Stevenson Family 8G

Stone Family 6G

 Tweedy Family 4G

 Walker Family 5G

Weaver Family 6G

Weeden Family 8G

 Weldon Family 5G

Wells Family 3G

 Westbrook Family 3G

 Williams Family G

Winget Family 4G

 Youngblood Family 3G

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